London Towne Houses

Cooperative, Inc

London Towne Houses Cooperative, Inc. is a corporation where the residents own the entire development through a Corporation in which each resident is a “Member Owner”.

Who We are

London Towne Houses Cooperative is a non-profit corporation where we have made it possible to offer this cooperative development at monthly rates below comparable investor owned rental housing. There is no profit to any equity owner; the Member Owners simply pay all the regular operating expenses-proportionately.

The Member Owners elect from amongst themselves a Board of Directors that set policy for the Cooperative; and employs a General Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the cooperative and the administrative and maintenance staff.


To provide affordable and sustainable housing for moderate income families and individuals;

Empower shareholders to cooperatively support and maintain their homes and community and to work with neighborhood leaders in the greater community.

We provide affordable and sustainable housing solutions for moderate-income families and individuals, empowering them through a cooperative housing model and financial education. Our community-driven approach fosters a sense of ownership and collaboration, creating a better future for all.


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